Ethiopian man burns himself to death in protest – by Angus Stickler

Events in Ethiopia have taken a disturbing turn following reports that a teacher in his late 20s burnt himself alive last week in protest against the ongoing brutal clampdown on dissent in the country. According to reports Yenesew Gebre made an impassioned plea at a protest gathering before dowsing himself in petrol and setting himself on fire.
Addressing fellow protestors he is reported to have said: ’I want to show to all that death is preferable than a life without justice and liberty and I call upon my fellow compatriots to fear nothing and rise up to wrench their freedom and rights from the hands of the local and national tyrants.’
It is understood that Gebre died from his injuries three days later at the Tercha city local hospital.

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Ethiopia detains two prominent opposition members – By Peter Heinlein

Two prominent Ethiopian opposition politicians have been detained, at least one of them on terrorism-related charges. But opposition leaders are questioning the charges, saying the detentions appear politically motivated. Read the rest of this post »

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Reporters without Borders condemns latest arrests of journalists in Ethiopia – Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders condemns the arrests of two journalists working for privately-owned newspapers in the past few days. Read the rest of this post »

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Ethiopia’s human rights record scrutinized By Tristan McConnell of Global post

NAIROBI, Kenya — It has proven notoriously tricky for Africa’s rebel armies to transform themselves into democratic governments and Ethiopia offers perhaps the clearest case study on the continent of how and why this transition so rarely happens. Read the rest of this post »

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The State of Human Rights in Ethiopia – HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL

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Ethiopia: Human Rights Watch Annual World Report – Events of 2010

The ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) consolidated political control with a striking 99.6 percent victory in the May 2010 parliamentary elections. Read the rest of this post »

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Ethiopia: EU Final Election Report 2010


Ethiopia: Final report, House of people’s representatives and state council Elections May 2010. European Union Election Observation Mission.Ethiopia held its fourth elections to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and State Councils on 23 May 2010. The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) was present in Ethiopia from 14 April to 21 June 2010, following invitations from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). The EU EOM was led by Mr. Thijs Berman, Member of the European Parliament. The Mission deployed 170 observers from 25 European Union Member States, as well as, Norway, Switzerland and Canada to all the country’s regions, to assess the electoral process against international and regional commitments for elections as well as the laws of Ethiopia. The EU EOM is independent in its findings and conclusions and adheres to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation commemorated at the United Nations in October 2005. On Election Day, EU EOM observers visited 815 polling stations in every region of Ethiopia to observe voting and counting..

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Ethiopians to remember martyrs of the 2005 Election Massacre

Ethiopians from various cities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia held a conference on Saturday to discuss and coordinate plans for the upcoming 5th anniversary of the Ethiopian Election Massacre. Read the rest of this post »

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Ethiopia: Birtukan’s release a win for human rights defenders! – Advocacy for Ethiopia

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Ethiopia: Opposition Leader’s Release Just a First Step – Human Rights Watch

Government Should Free All Political Prisoners Read the rest of this post »

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